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Santa Barbara - (805) 963-8885
Corona Del Mar - (949) 673-0696
Santa Monica - (310) 314-9887

Shimano Steps eBike Mid-drive Motors

Reliable and Weatherproof

The launch of SHIMANO STEPS brings a new level of integrated design, seamless operation and effortless performance to e-bikes. Shimano has specialized in cycle components since it was founded almost 100 years ago – the company’s very first product was a bicycle freewheel, in 1921. Shimano knows bikes. Who better to power your e-bike?

SHIMANO STEPS is a system built around a frame-mounted drive unit. By integrating the drive unit around the bottom bracket area, the weight is positioned low in the frame for easier handling. The essential electronics are incorporated in the drive unit, making for a reliable and weatherproof system. The SHIMANO STEPS system is light weight, has a large capacity lithium-ion battery pack and an intelligent power management system. It will bring you further than ever before. It’s this kind of thinking that sets SHIMANO STEPS apart.

shimano steps

Power Pack

High quality, long lasting lithium-ion battery pack

  • Available for either rear carrier (2.550g) or down tube mounting (2.660g)
  • High 418Wh capacity (36V, 11.6Ah)
  • 1000 charge cycles without significant power loss.
  • Charges in four hours


Compact designed cycling computer

  • Standard bike computer functions
  • Gear indication
  • Range indication
  • Battery indication
  • Multiple mounting options, with different angles and positions

Mid-Drive Motor

The heart of STEPS – a lightweight, compact, smooth and silent drive unit

  • Weighs just 3.2kg – one of the lightest units on the market
  • Intelligent power assistance gives an easy, natural feeling
  • Walk assist mode for extra support while walking next to the bike
  • With START MODE (Di2 only), automatically shifts down to a lower gear as you stop ready for an easy start
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