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Santa Barbara - (805) 963-8885      Corona Del Mar - (949) 673-0696     Santa Monica - (310) 314-9887
Santa Barbara - (805) 963-8885
Corona Del Mar - (949) 673-0696
Santa Monica - (310) 314-9887
Why Get An EBike?

Why Get An eBike?

How do you know if an electric bikes is right for you? We think they’re suitable for everyone! Whether you’re looking to assist long commutes to and from work, don’t want to show up a sweaty mess after a ride or just need an assist on getting back in shape – there are electric bicycles for all occasions.

Electric commuter bikes make riding into work a breeze; you can climb up any mountain biking trail with ease on an electric mountain bike; or you can simply cruise around town on a classic vintage bike and not have to worry about getting tired.


We source eBike brands from all over the world and choose them very wisely for their product quality, brand resonance and warranty fulfillment.


eBike brands vary in scale from very large corporate identities to small core american garage built brands, we pride ourselves in establishing relationships with the premier brands small or large.


Establishing our first location in 2013 we quickly followed suite with our second store in Santa Barbara, Ca. and now have four locations in California. Corona Del Mar, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Malibu shows our committment to our customers the best electric bike sales, repair and relationships.


The internet has never been our mission in the route for sales of eBike’s, given the response from newly acquired customers who purchased a eBike on the web and having a bad experience, we have vowed to deliver a better service.


When educated we hope to provide a new eBike buyer the knowledge in purchasing the correct ebike for their individual purpose. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call (805) 963-8885.


Our mission is to deliver the best online eBike purchase, we feel the best way to ship your bike is direct to another brick & mortar bicycle repair/shop. Your local bicycle shop can assemble your new bike safely and with our help deliver to you a good purchase experience.


About eBikes Electric Bikes: eBikes Electric Bikes is on the forefront of technology for electric motorized bicycles, and offers the best brands to meet the exact needs of each rider. eBikes Electric Bikes has electric bicycle shops in Santa Barbara, Malibu, Santa Monica and Corona Del Mar, where they sell and service electric mountain bikes, electric commuter bikes, and classic vintage bikes from a variety of electric bike manufacturers.  If you are interested in Raleigh electric bicycle, a Haibike mountain bike, or a Bosch eBike, then this is the store for you.  Follow on Facebook and Instagram for a variety of helpful electric bike tips, and unique ebike photos from satisfied customers.

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