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Santa Barbara - (805) 963-8885
Corona Del Mar - (949) 673-0696
Santa Monica - (310) 314-9887

Cargo eBikes 

While carrying things on regular bikes can be difficult, these eBikes make it super easy. With amazing features such as sturdy, durable frames and pedal assist, cargo eBikes are great for all your carrying and transportation needs. Cargo eBikes are great for bringing home groceries, making deliveries, carrying weekend supplies and much more. You can even make deliveries with them! Whatever your transportation needs are, the eBikes featured below are sure to satisfy.

Model Descriptions

2017 Felt Tote’m

The 2017 Felt Tote’m is one sturdy eBike! The durable frame is able to handle all your cargo, while the short wheelbase makes it incredibly agile. The Felt design combined with a Shimano motor creates an eBike with incredible range and battery life.

2017 Felt BrüHaul

This is the newest model in Felt’s line of cargo eBikes. The BrüHaul offers an amazingly safe, sturdy and stable cargo eBike, allowing you to carry almost anything without breaking a sweat. This model has a long wheelbase that allows you to carry everything imaginable, from kids to groceries to beer. Check it out today!

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