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The eBike world is growing at a substantial rate. In fact, recent studies have shown that eBike sales have nearly tripled in the past three years. This growth is exciting, and it also brings with it a lot of changes and development in the eBike world. The goal of our blog is to keep our customers informed about the latest eBike news. This includes new technological developments, regulations, events and of course news about our upcoming sales. We will also share eBike tips and tricks with you, as well where the coolest places around town to ride are. Check out our blog posts below for more information, and make sure to check back regularly to stay informed!

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Why Get An eBike?

How do you know if an electric bikes is right for you? We think they’re suitable for everyone! Whether you’re looking to assist long commutes to and from work, don’t want to show up a sweaty mess after a ride…

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