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5 Electric  Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

5 Electric Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

Dear Readers,

Winter is fast approaching, and there’s no better time than now to perform some year-round maintenance on your electric bicycles.

Below are five essential maintenance tips you should perform on your electric motorized bicycles.

  • Battery Care. First, mark it on your calendar and set a reminder on your phone that says: CHARGE BATTERY! Drain the battery at about 50% and then put in charge for at least one hour. A Special tip: Do not overcharge the battery. Overcharging the battery can cause your e-bike to malfunction. After it’s fully charged, remove the battery from the e-bike and store it in a separate case in a dry, warm place.
  • Tire Pressure. It’s common for e-bike tires to get deflated. Poor tire pressure will increase drag, cause the motor to overload and effect hand control. Not to mention it can compromise the safety of your e-bike. A Special tip: If you would like to see a demonstration on how to check your e-bike’s tire pressure, check out SSBIKE. We’ve partnered up with them to assist you with e-bike maintenance classes on all Santa Barbara electric bikes.
  • Bike Chain Lubrication. You will need to clean the chain and jockey wheels. If you use a de-greaser, make sure you wash it off before adding any lubricate. Apply it directly to the chain and jockey wheels. Once you’re done, wipe away excess lube to prevent dirt from forming. A Special tip: During wet weather in the fall and winter months, use Wet Bike Lubricate on Bosch ebikes.
  • Cleaning. Apply a de-greaser on the chain and remove the build up of black grime. Regular liquid soap and hot water should suffice to get dirt off the frame, handles, tires, spokes, and seat on . A Special tip: After wiping down the whole body of the e-bike, take a sponge, wash off the de-greaser you applied to the chain and re-lubricate.
  • Servicing. If you rode your electric mountain bike regularly over the summer, then it’s important to get it serviced to ensure it’s running safely through the end of the year. Since electric mountain bikes reach higher speeds than manual bikes, the brake pads get worn out faster. You should get the bike serviced at least once a year at one of our conveniently-located electric bicycle shops in California.

If you find yourself in sunny Santa Barbara, visit our electric bicycle shop in Santa Barbara we have a incredible selection of ebikes. Check out our discounted haibike models and we’ll be happy to give you a FREE demo!

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About eBikes Electric Bikes: eBikes Electric Bikes is on the forefront of technology for electric motorized bicycles, and offers the best brands to meet the exact needs of each rider. eBikes Electric Bikes has electric bicycle shops in Santa Barbara, Malibu, Santa Monica and Corona Del Mar, where they sell and service electric mountain bikes, electric commuter bikes, and classic vintage bikes from a variety of electric bike manufacturers.  If you are interested in Raleigh electric bicycle, a Haibike mountain bike, or a Bosch eBike, then this is the store for you.  Follow on Facebook and Instagram for a variety of helpful electric bike tips, and unique ebike photos from satisfied customers.

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