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Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara

The Premier Electric only eBike shop located in Santa Barbara.

Let us simplify the process.

We have been in the Electric Bike business for 7 years. We only carry quality eBikes that will come with a 2 year warranty to help you maintain your investment for years to come.

How do you intend to use your bike?

Electric Bikes now come in many styles… Mountain Bike, City Bike, Leisure Bike and Cargo with each category offering a different use. All of the bikes we sell are pedal assisted mid-drive bikes with motor in the bottom/middle of the bike, Class 1 eBikes are allowed in all bike lanes and Class 3 ebikes are allowed in bike lanes with some restrictions.

What is your budget?

We sell quality eBikes and although the price has come down over the years a quality eBike price will start at $2000 and the price climbs from there. Yes bikes have different size batteries and motors do increase in torque, but more importantly lets find the best bike for you.

We sell and service only 4 motor companies: Bosch, Brose, Yamaha and Shimano, all 4 of these brands have the same 2 year warranty on the electrical system.

Let’s look at some eBike categories below….


This eBike is perfect for tooling around town, and can give you the ability of a longer ride with fenders, lights and a rack. City eBikes are great for commuting and also give you the option of some loose gravel rides.


From hardtail to full suspension, eMountain Bikes make getting up the mountain easy and make for longer rides. We carry a number of options in this eMTB (eMountain Bike) category.


With comfortable positioning, upright seating and step-thru or step-over options, these eBikes give you relaxed rides with just the right amount of power needed.


Take the whole family along on your daily adventures with one of our many cargo specific bikes intended for a heavier payload.

Book an appointment!!

Schedule your appointment today for your unique eBike experience.  Our boutique shop will be meeting w customers one-on-one only.

“Amongst the best bike shops I’ve been privileged to stumble upon, highly recommended.”
P. Fugate

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